1. SH Company

SH Company was established in 2018 and entered the brand business with the spirit of the third generation of clothing manufacturing business for 50 years.
Despite the difficult business environment, trust and honesty have been the driving force behind the three generations of manufacturing.
Don't take immediate profits and immediate difficulties into account, always think about employees, companies, and the company's competitiveness in the best quality
In the basic spirit, we established a subsidiary called SH company and launched the fashion brand "belussoomme" and "hey MARTINI."

2.Yeonhyuk SH.company, Samhwa Lapine (mother company)

• February 5, 1976. - Samhwa Sewing Co., Ltd.
• October 1976 - Samsung C&T began delivery of Samhwa Sewing Co., Ltd.
• October 1, 1997 - Establishment of the Samhwa Modes Tie (name change)
• April 1, 2015 - Samhwa Lapine Establishment
• In 2018, SH company subsidiary was established. The fashion brand Bellussoommeronqing
• 2019 hey MARTINI launch

3.parent company award 

1984. 11
Industrial Packaging Award (Quality Management Achievement)
Presidential citation (S. Korea)

Subject to quality in 1988, 1989, and 1990
Samsung C&T Corporation

1998. 12
Technical Competition Excellence Award
minister of commerce, industry and energy

2005. 04

Best Partner Grand Prize
Cheil Industries Inc.

2007. 05
Selected as a promising small and medium enterprise
Daegu Bank

2008. 12
Labor Administration Achievement Award
minister of labor (Korea)

2009. 04
Excellent Employment Equal Enterprises
minister of labor (Korea)

2009 04 Best Partner Award
Cheil Industries Inc.

2010. 12
Gyeongsangbuk-do Employment Target
Governor of North Gyeongsang Province

2011. 02
Silver for Industrial Peace Grand Prize in Gyeongsangbuk-do (the head of the union)
Governor of North Gyeongsang Province

2013. 12
Prime Minister Award (S. Korea)
Korean Fashion Association

Samsung C&T's Best Partner Award for Fashion Business